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more control over your business

Collecting data in a system is just the first step. To gain a thorough insight into your business, you need information that is efficiently organised and clearly presented. Effective reporting will help you keep your business on track and steer your people in the right direction.

ADIMIT analyses, advises, develops and implements. Our IT products help business to improve results, automate processes and improve customer service. ADIMIT is your partner in the development of the smartest IT solutions for your business

Your benefits

  • more controle over your business
  • better processes
  • better customer service
  • higher profits

Value for automotive

Our business intelligence tool and our module for electronic invoicing are directly linked to the Autoline dealer management system. They are unique in today's market. Try a demo to see the value they can add to your daily business.

Customer service for all industries

Out telephony intergration application organises all your customer information in a single, easy-to-read dashboard. Everything is organised around your custormer's phone number, so all information is right there when you need it. No need to interrupt the conversation, and every opportunity to make a professional impression. Telephony intergration is the ideal tool in direct communications with end users in any industry.

Our products

Business intelligence

more insight to improve your daily business

Electronic invoicing

fast and automated invoicing

Telephony intergration

all customer information in a single dashboard

'My car'

all personal data in a single app

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Long-time donor to the KWF Dutch Cancer Society

I started ADIMIT when my father had been diagnosed with lung cancer. I quit my job so I could care for him and started working from home in my own business, ADIMIT BV. In the beginning I worked mainly for DaimlerChrysler Stuttgart. Later on, I moved into software development for dealers of Autoline. As someone who has worked in automotive since 1991, I was aware of the urgent need for clear reporting. This inspired me to develop a business intelligence tool that soon became very popular and has found wide acceptence in the industry.

The success of ADIMIT


I will always associate the origin and success of ADIMIT – Advice and Interim Management in IT – with my father, who died of cancer in 2009. For this reason, ADIMIT continues to donate to the KWF Dutch Cancer Society in support of its efforts to improve the prevention and treatment of this terrible disease, which has taken the life of both my parents.

Do you have a good reason to contribute to the fight against cancer? Donate now on the website of KWF Dutch Cancer Society.

Freek Boulogne

ADIMIT analyses, advises,
develops and implements

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