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Business intelligence

Greater insight for better business operations

Autoline is a widely used dealer management system. Our in-house developed reporting module takes its information directly from Autoline. It lets you easily create reports for any part of your business, like financial, sales, workshop or warehousing. Where could you find room for improvement? Where do you see any unnecessary losses? With the facts at hand, you and your employees can start finding ways to do things better today.

Our business intelligence tool intergrates data from all relevant systems. You select the systems, such as your dealer management and body repair systems. We provide a copy of their data in a single location. This is called data warehousing, an additional functionality of the BI tool.

Our BI tool is also compatible with applications like Microsoft PowerBI and QlikView. Another very handy feature is the possibility to file or share reports in any format you like – a process that can be fully automated. Most importantly, the BI tool gives you greater insight into and greater control over your organisation.

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Your benefits

  • clear reporting
  • available at any time
  • greater insight, higher profits
  • control over your organistion
  • reliable software, proactive support